what is blogging? Easy To Understand – 2021

Personal Blogging is a general way to express your content through the internet to a huge audience. There are various websites you found on the internet some of them are blogging websites. Such websites are may personal, Professional, or organized by a group of people. 
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A personal blogger uses multiple niches to establish their web pages and the direct motive is to earn some money. It may sound good that we can earn money from blogging but it is neither easy nor hard to achieve that success.

Personal Blogging Series – Learn and establish your own Blog 

Our platform “Knoow Blog” is going to offer you free training on making a blog from scrap. and it’s free for everyone and you also can contact us to resolve your query.

we are going to offer this series in parts of,

1. Blogging using blogger.com- Free blogging platform.
2. Blogging Using WordPress. 
3. SEO optimization tutorial for Both Blogger or WordPress.
Our platform is going to offer the series from Aug 2020, every day you get a new article or video tutorial Related blogging and SEO also I gave bonus tips and tricks in each tutorial that make your blogging website more engaging and powerful. 
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Personal Blog vs Website

Growing your own business, startup, services you need to make your online presence where you can address the terms of your services. such type of online presence is website based. E-commerce websites are a great example.
Blogging is a general platform where the author does not manage their thought about a single niche. Blogging is the most common platform on the internet that allows you huge knowledge or information. The only purpose of blogging is to grab the audience and earn money. 

Skills Required To Be A Personal Blogger

You can find a number of personal blogging ideas on Google Search but it is not possible to develop your blog without having skills. There is a basic skill that every blogger need that is writing skill, so if you are good in writing you can make a good impact otherwise you need to learn such skills. I have previously published lots of articles on writing skills improvement you can found it by clicking here.
If we talk about the Primary qualities that we need to be a good publisher that is  Thought processing, Decision making, good planing, working Consistency, and Patience to get success.
Some of the other skills you need to have that you learn by this series such as website development or blog making, blog analysis, SEO making, etc. 

Why Chose Personal Blogging?

Before getting started a blogging carrier everyone needs to understand, why blogging we chose? What benefits that blogging offers? Is it a perfect choice or not?
As we discuss earlier blogging is a platform that helps you to earn money and it totally depends on your personal skills that how you can earn. If frankly speaking it is an endless job because there are lots of Authors who offer blogs on various subjects.
If we talking about knowledge that is countless information available in the online world. so if you offer quality content that means you are able to grab a large audience and as high you can improve your earnings.
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