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we have discussed in a previous article about what is SEO. If you have not seen that article then get the first overview of “What is SEO” before understanding On-Page SEO.

SEO is the digital strategy to present your content in a more attractive and clean form on the web page, that it can be able to stand in competition to get success in the search results.

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What is On-page SEO

The proper optimization of every page on the website using different attributes is the main concept of on-page search engine optimization.

On-page SEO is a term that relates to content management using various aspects and tools. On-page SEO is part of organizing a single page on your site with improving its appearance.

Visual appearance is a very important consideration when we talk about SEO strategies. So you need to first understand such factors that can affect your site SEO.

Factors Affecting “On-Page SEO”

Google Search engine uses more than 100’s factors to rank your site. But keep in mind that, it is not necessary that every rank site is fulfilled all those requirements. Although, there are some important factors that I wish you get into consideration while creating any website for publishing articles.

Here, I have listed some needful SEO attributes that we should know to rank our website on the google search engine.

Keyword research

Identifying popular keywords and phrases is the prime factor when we talk about SEO. Because the keyword is vita element that we are used to building On-page SEO.

The search volume of a particular keyword shows the ranking ability of your page. If you have select the most popular keyword which is going trending and having great CPC with less competition in terms of Ranking then there you build maximum chances to get top on search results.

Keyword in Title Tag

As we have discussed how the keyword is important while starting the SEO optimization of the Page. It is necessary to use such keywords in a proper manner to get the exact effect.

If we talking in general about the search results then the maximum sites you will see on top that have proper describable meta title tag with effective keywords.

The title describes data contains inside page on search results while the use of meta tag along with title shows the keyword for what it would want to be rank on search results.

Meta Description keyword

The meta description is the short summary that shows in the search results below your meta title. It is a convenient attribute that attracts users to your content.

The use of the exact keyword inside the meta description shows the reliability of content and it is easy for the search engine to show your post at the beginning due to available keywords.

Use Of Keywords in Content

We use keywords to describe our content in a more effective way in search results. So, to make it reliable and convenient to optimize search results to show your page on the top list, it is necessary that you have to give importance to keywords in your content writing.

Content Lenght

Content length is also the most important factor in terms of SEO ranking. If we analyze the Search results we could find that most of the results shown by Google on a top page are having Richer content.

Richer content shows the Availability of knowledge and looks more informative. Such content shows their impact in the form of legit and authentication.

It is a fact that way you longer write your content by describing each and every factor in more than 300 – 400 words it has a greater chance that google ranks your page on top results.

Duplicate Content

What means Duplicate content?

Writing a similar post or page matched with previously published content may affect your overall ranking. So, avoid duplicate writing and try to write fresh content.

Image Optimization And Alt Attribute

Image optimization is necessary to enhance your page loading time but when we will talk about On-Page SEO, Adding proper images related to your content has its own importance.

The Image Alt attribute is a factor that ranks your site image in search results along with your page. To get that impact we need to add the proper keyword in the image Alt attribute as an image description.

URL or Permalink

URL or Permalink is the address of your site that helps you to point on the exact same page. When we get rank content on search results then it shows the URL of your page along with the Meta title and Meta description. So, the use of keywords that describes your site is must be included in your URL.

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