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Every service needs good features and reliability to stand ever popular in the customer’s choice. Blogger.com is listed in one of such reliable services by google from almost the last 20 years due to its free and quality offering.
If you have explored as many blogs on search engine then you will get found that there are various blogs are hosted by blogger.com.

So, How the blogger get so popular? and what types of features they provide us? Is that your question, then do watch full article.

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We have covered in the last article about the best blogging platform and especially about free full-featured options, a separate article on Blogger. If you have not seen that article then go and read that article to learn some basics about it.

Now, In this article, we are going to get an instant overview of the all features that blogger provides you without investing any penny.

Features Of Blogger

1. Server

The blogger is the Google product and it gives us a free server to host blogs. As it hosted by Google’s cloud server so there is no doubt about its quality and speed.

2. Sub- Domain Name

The domain name is a very important factor when we talk about website building. Every site needs its own identifying address to point their location in the search engine such sites address are known as Domain Name.

To create your site either you need to by a custom domain name or you can use sub-domain name.

The Sub-Domain names come with the hosted main domain extension. likewise, the blogger provides your free sub-domain with the “.blogspot.com” extension.and which are absolutely free for use.

3. Easy panel

Control panel or Dashboard and user interface matter a lot while working on website building or managing it. Similarly, Bogger provides an easy to use panel where a beginner can also manage their site with ease.

4. Status insight

Blogger provides you built-in status insight by which you can get an overview of your blog-site performance. It shows you data related total views of pages, numbers of followers, comments counting, and impressions on every post.
There is an option by which you can also connect Google Analytics to get insights.


Comments section provided by blogger allows you to manage all your comments in one place.

6. Earnings

The Earnings Section found on Blogger allows you to directly monetize your blog through the Google Adsense. after getting approval you can earn money through your blog by placing advertisements.

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7. Themes & Customization

Blogger Provides Dozens of free themes that you can use for your blog to enhance the viewer’s experience. All themes or templates that found on Blogger are SEO ready and having good speed insight scores.

Bloggers allow you to edit HTML code to write your own template or you can use third-party templates by uploading it.

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8. Layout

The existing or new template that you can customize easily with the layout section. Where you can foud a dedicated option for each element according to your template layout.

9. Settings

In settings of bloggers, there are various features presents that allow you to customize the site’s visual appearance in search results. And you can manage Search Engine optimization with several options. like, Custom Meta Description, Site Title – Description, Robot Txt, Ads Txt, Custom Redirection, etc.

10. SSL Certification

SSL certification has a great impact on your site. This helps you to show your site is secure with a valid certification. where your site can be accessible from https redirection.

Blogger provides you Free SSL certification with lifetime validity when your blog is hosted through blogger.com.

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